Associated Students "Basic Needs" Scholarship

UPDATED 2019/2020

This Associated Students scholarship fund was established by the San Diego Mesa College Associated Students in Fall 2018 recognize and provide financial assistance to students who are struggling to have their basic needs met such as housing insecurity, food insecurity, lack of transportation, homelessness etc.

To be eligible recipients must:
- Be enrolled at least part-time (6 or more units)

Immediate release of full award (May of this 2020)
Scholarship funds are available four to six weeks after scholarships are announced.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit an original essay (350 word minimum) describing the challenges you face from unmet basic needs and how they impact you achieving your educational goals. How would this scholarship benefit you on your educational journey?
  2. Please provide the name and email address of an individual that can give a reference for you regarding the Associated Students "Basic Needs" scholarship opportunity.