Cher Fertig Memorial Art Scholarship

UPDATED 2019/2020

Cher Fertig will always be remembered for her compassionate heart, enormous generosity and great affection for Art. As one of her professors said, “Cher Fertig’s initials, C.F., stands for Compassionate Friend.” The Cher Fertig Memorial Art Scholarship was started in honor of Cher, a returning Mesa College Art student after a 32-year absence in efforts to earn her Associates degree. Cher valued education and one of her life-long dreams was to earn a degree. Cher was elated to work in the Mesa Art Gallery and made wonderful friends, “her family”, at Mesa, and was nearing her goal when she suffered fatal cancer complications in March 2017. Cher’s tireless energy and dedicated efforts earned her a Liberal Arts and Sciences degree with an emphasis in Art and Art Studies in the Spring of 2017 which was presented to her four children in her honor. In Cher’s words, “this is all that and a bag of chips!”

The mission of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to Art students whose creatively, inventiveness, and desire to enhance their talent and education in art is hindered by the “starving artist” concept. Cher was able to push on during hard times because of Mesa’s scholarships and we want to pay it forward in her name. This scholarship supports any art student who demonstrates academic merit, creative promise, and financial need. Special consideration may be given to students who have demonstrated an ability to overcome obstacles while earning his or her education.

To be eligible recipients must:
- Be enrolled at least part-time (6 or more units)
- Be a Art-Fine Art major

Immediate release of full award (May of this 2020)
Scholarship funds are available four to six weeks after scholarships are announced.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I verify that I'm a Art - Fine Art major.
  2. Please describe your educational journey, including how you got to where you are today and what your educational and career goals are. Also share challenges that you have faced, and how you approached overcoming those challenges. Please describe what it would mean to you to receive this scholarship. Your essay should not exceed 500 words.