Rachelle Agatha CPA Scholarship

UPDATED 2019/2020

Do you love Excel? Are numbers your friends? Do you desire to start your career in accounting, technology, or problem-solving? In the future, can you see yourself as a CFO, COO, CTO, Accounting Faculty, or similar? If so, apply!
Accounting has always been my passion. I graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a business/accounting degree and earned my CPA working for PWC. As I moved through my career and additional educational goals, my accounting education roots have been the foundation for who I am. Accounting gave me the tools to be a successful leader in several complex organizations in non-profit, public and private sectors as well as teaching in higher ed. I believe an accounting education provides strong problem-solving skills which are a necessary part of any leadership role. SDMC will always be my family, so I dedicate this scholarship to those students with a passion for accounting first!

To be eligible recipients must:
- Be enrolled at least part-time (9 or more units)
- Have a minimum cumulative Mesa GPA of 3.0 or higher
- Must Demonstrate Community Service
- Must be majoring in Accounting, Business, or Computer Science (STEM Major)

Release half of the award in the fall semester, and then the other half in the spring semester
(August/September of 2019 and February/March of 2020)

$250 - $500
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you performed Community Service?
  2. If you answered Yes to the Community Service Question above, please describe your community service activities (500 words or less).
  3. Please describe your educational journey, including how you got to where you are today and what your educational and career goals are. Share challenges that you have faced, and how you approached overcoming those challenges. Also describe what it would mean to you to receive this scholarship. What about accounting intrigues you? (500 words or less)