Harvey T. Bergland Memorial Scholarship

UPDATED 2020/2021

This scholarship was created in my husband’s memory because he supported education. As an artist, he expressed himself through his work. The purpose of this award is to assist students to express themselves using their art as a vehicle to communicate. This award is an opportunity to showcase your talent to others. This scholarship is open to San Diego Mesa College students only.

Eligibility Criteria:

- Must have a 3.0 (B) GPA
- Must be enrolled full time at Mesa College
- Must major in one of the following areas: Fashion, Interior Design, Music, Web Development, Art Fine Art, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Multimedia, Architecture
- Must have completed 12+ units at Mesa
- Must have taken or be enrolled in courses in one of the following areas: Architecture, Art/Fine Art, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Fashion, Interior Design

Award funds will be disbursed:
Next Academic Year (Fall Semester)
Scholarship funds are available four to six weeks after the start of the semester.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please share the following: 1. Your educational journey and future career goals. 2. Any challenges you have overcome. 3. What it would mean to you to receive this scholarship. You do not need to include every detail, but please try to address each part of the question (your goals, challenges overcome, and what it would mean to you). (500 words)
  2. Please attach one file with samples of your work in architecture, art-fine art, dance, drama, fashion, interior design, multimedia, music or web design.